tabe room

nomu room


n o m u /drink r o o m = nomu means DRINK
We make a great cup of coffee for you.
Come, be comfortable and enjoy a sip of coffee with our vegan brownie.
and more...
enjoy your break time at our cozy open space
with the wide views of countryside.

niime 三昧 / niime zanmai

tamaki niime の創造を見学していただく時間と、
お野菜のみで創る tamaki niime の昼食を食べる時間。

--weekday n i i m e z a n m a i time
What’s niime zanmai?
We are welcome to your visiting
and would like to share the experience of niime mura.
You can enjoy our lab tour and tamaki niime vegan cuisine with the crew.
***reservation required

Closed : tuesday / saturday / sunday

腹ごしらえ会 / haragoshirae kai

毎週土曜/日曜 tabe room でお披露目する贅沢な会。

--weekend h a r a g o s h i r a e k a i event
What’s haragoshiraekai?
We open our tabe room with guest food creators
who run local-oriented food space in various japanese area.
We would love to enjoy having you with special lunch
and hope you will have a blissful moments.

Saturday and Sunday at 11:00

腹ごしらえ会 スケジュール